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The latest energy-saving solutions. Area Lighting’s experience, more than 23 years in the industry, allows us to provide a detailed technical analysis of your energy usage in order to identify the best system solution.

Energy Trust Incentives

Energy Trust offers incentives for a variety of lighting fixtures and controls—all standard and custom lighting projects must be pre-approved by Energy Trust.

Incentives for standard lighting projects may be available for up to 50 percent of total eligible project costs.

Energy Trust offers cash incentives for both standard and custom lighting projects.All lighting projects require program pre-approval. Qualifying projects can claim up to $500,000 per site, per year. A pre and post-installation inspection may apply if your incentive is over $5,000.

Projects that go beyond the standard incentive list may qualify for custom incentives. Custom incentives for lighting projects are up to 35 percent of the total approved.

Learn more about the processes for pursuing standard and custom incentives:
Energy-efficient lighting can illuminate a whole new world of cost savings and enhance the work environment or guest experience. Lighting upgrades are the best—and often, the easiest—first step in any energy-efficiency program and can pay back your investment cost through energy savings in as little as two years or less. Energy Trust offers cash incentives for lighting and lighting control projects.

Standard Incentive Path

It’s easy to qualify for standard lighting incentives. Your contractor will provide and assist you with the necessary forms.

1. Find a contractor.

2. Contractor visits your site and completes our lighting assessment tool. (Pre-installation inspection by Energy Trust is required for projects with incentives more than $5,000.)

3. Sign Incentive Application (provided by contractor).

4. Contractor installs your new equipment.

5. Sign Completion Certification (provided by contractor) to verify project completion. (Post-installation inspection required for projects with incentives more than $5,000.)

6. The contractor submits Completion Certificate, participant’s substitute W-9 and invoices to Energy Trust.

Large national chain accounts should contact our major account representative at 503.278.3001.

NOTE: Incentive funds are limited and are allocated on a monthly reservation system. All projects with incentives over $750 require prior project approval from the Energy Trust.

Custom Incentive Path

All lighting equipment purchases must receive pre-approval from the program to qualify for custom incentives. Contact us to talk about your project plan. A lighting trade ally and program representative will work with you through each step of the process.

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